Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Lord of the Rings Online Goes free to play

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I remember when i saw DDO go free to play, tried it and can't say i liked it, but that's not what this is about.  Turbine's other title, LOTRO, will now be following suit and go F2P and after playing the beta, i think this is at least something to try if you ever found any MMO decent.
Like DDO, it has an in-game store used to purchase upgrades for your account (additional playable classes/adventure packs/additional bags for all characters to name a few) or character upgrades (items and stat buffs).  These points (Turbine Points) are obtained by either buying them, or earning them though the completion of Deeds (achievements with real rewards).
The only, lets say problems, i have with this game is that it has no addon system, you can only track 5 quests (including deeds) at a time,a better LFG system would be nice, and a moderate balancing of stat numbers would be nice.  Questing is really easy, most quests give you all the location information you need to effectively level.
The game will be fully released the 10th and there is some early access for beta participents, so if anyone wants to hit me up online, check the information below

Character Name:  Methoras
Server:  Dwarrowdelf

Note: I only had 1 problem, but they slowly started coming back to me


  1. Used to love this game but the severe lack of PVP made me leave.

  2. yeah... i think the only form of PvP there is, is if you choose to play as the orcs or w/e, couldn't try since it required a subscription though

  3. I tried it but I could never really get into it.